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2019 Photo Booth Expo Sponsor

February 24th-27th BOOTH #1027


The Lollipop photo Booth



The Lollipop booth is a unique iPad-based photo booth featuring our all new Insta-Power connection. This revolutionary feature makes set up a synch with it’s drop and go solution. Connect the top to the post then power instantly transfers making the booth ready for action!  Compatible with 9.7” iPad

Materials / construction

Built in the  USA out of high quality aluminum / metal & finished with a high performance power coated gloss paint.


1 year warranty on parts.

iPad Size

Compatible with 9.7” iPad - Not included


Built in lock with key for security and easy access to the iPad.


Available in White, Black. custom  colors available with special order. 


Super bright, dimmable  led ringlight.


Insta-power connection, drop and go instant power. built in power to charge Ipad.

Easy Assembly

Fast assembly with simple twist bolt knobs.  No tools required.

The Truss Booth is an iPad-based photo booth specifically designed for event production companies and DJs. The booth attaches to standard truss pillars and structures with two simple clamps. Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Select the height, tighten the clamps, and the booth is ready to go!

The Truss Booth